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An Introduction to Deep Space Communication

June 28, 2015 Leave a comment

While working on an MSc program, I chose Deep Space Communication as an area to research. I knew nothing about the subject beforehand, but found it fascinating. A few friends and family expressed an interest in the area and I thought it may be worthwhile distilling some of the basics into a single introductory document. It is not so easy to find an easy to digest introduction on this subject, as many documents are pretty full on! So hopefully this will be useful to those interested in how we manage to communicate with spacecraft billions of Km from earth.

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Abstract This paper is aimed at readers with an interest in deep space communication, but do not have any prior knowledge. The content can be used to gain a basic understanding to satisfy a passing interest, and also provide a foundation for further learning as required. Topics covered: Unique challenges of deep space communication, international deep space networks, radio frequency communication fundamentals and deep space antenna design.

Link to Document: An Introduction to Deep Space Communication

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Interesting Enterprise Architecture Analogy using Tetris

July 30, 2012 1 comment

To people who’ve not yet come across enterprise architecture, this graphic may be useful to give a very high level appreciation of the different pieces of the EA puzzle.


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