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Dropbox – Have all your important files everywhere

October 11, 2010 1 comment

Dropbox is nothing short of fantastic!

It syncs your files/folders across all your computers, laptops and devices (iPhone, iPad, Macs, PCs, etc..) and gives you a big chunk of space free (~2GB).

I have loads of devices, work laptop, personal laptops, iMac etc etc, before drop box I was constantly copying or emailing files around from place to place making sure I didn’t overwrite the most recent copy..blah blah blah….

Now with Dropbox I simply place files I want to be available everywhere into a nominated folder, within a few seconds (or minutes if it’s a lot of data) the files are available on all devices and even on the web if I am some place with internet access and no computer.

Whener I need access to an important file on the move, I simply fire up the Dropbox app for the iPhone and get the file.

Now the best part is, anyone can get Dropbox for free, however if you get it by clicking the link below, you and I automatically get some extra space added to our accounts for free!

Check it out, I guarantee you’ll like it 🙂
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